About us

Twoteks was born out of the frustrations of dealing with huge and medium sized electronics suppliers from across Asia. Please read on why Twoteks will be your one stop shop supply on Mobile Phone Spare Parts, Accessories, and all Electronic Gadgets and Devices.

The Directors

Two guys born and originating from London, United Kingdom. Who have now relocated to Shenzhen China.


Originally comes from an electronic factory field. With over 15 years of experience, which mostly consisted of managing production lines, designing and producing mouldings, managing factory workers and dealing with corporate customers. Bill states "Most companies in China totally ignore the kudos of customer care", but we at Twoteks will bring a culture of English and pan european business structure from our company here in China. What is important for most people dealing with China? Lost in translation is a big factor and a lot of time lost. Bill and his international sales team will make your experience easy and efficient which gives you more time to concentrate what is important to you and your business.

The Website

We have been based here in China for 12 years, building a website from the backend to the frontend making one of the world's leading electronics E-commerce website outside of the corporate field. Twoteks' website offers easy functionality to speed up and make your buying process as smooth as possible. Design aesthetics is more than about a superior design, it was designed in mind to have the right balance in colours and spacing so not to hurt the clients eyes when using our website - our aim is also to make the experience as efficient as possible.


Most of you reading this have probably dealt with China before, and know the day to day problems when dealing with suppliers and agents.

Most entities here in China have no ethos other than to SELL SELL SELL. There are many potential problems that arise with these companies, i.e. stock is not Quality Controlled to the standards expected by the client, wrong stock sent due to communication problems, the list can be endless. Why don’t they care? because they only care about the sale and not customer retention. Western and European tradition in customer care does not apply in China.

Twoteks totally changes the whole fundamentals on trading with China. Our policy is based on honest answers with our main focus on quality control, price, speed of service and no problems from seller to buyers end.

We also believe in strong customer relationships and encourage our customers to call us avoiding inadequate communication resulting in delays of your orders.


How many websites have you seen with bad images portraying factories with many workers stating "We are the makers of products you are browsing" - Well, they are FAKE!

Would you trust a business that is dishonest when a lot of money is at stake? The answer is "No"! Also poor communication when you are trying to solve an issue with your placed order, results in a lot of expensive and failed phone calls and emails.

Twoteks Changes the Playing Field.

At Twoteks, we are transparent on what we do and our aims, we don’t lie, we have no factory. What do we have? Years of purchase management experience all over China, dealing with many challenges in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea. We give you the best quality controlled stock at competitive price levels.

We Are Not Perfect

Even we have experienced occasions with bad stock. But we offer a fair returns policy which is specified in our terms and conditions in full. Please remember we are humans behind our website, so any questions, always pick up the phone or email us and we will call you back!